Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Have You Been to The Wells Built Museum Yet?

Hey Guys,
 Can you believe that summer is almost over? We're so close to August I can smell the back to school uniforms. I still have many summer goals to accomplish and I would like to share one that I did get done. I visited a local museum of African American History & Culture called The Wells Built Museum in the busy and popular Downtown Orlando.

 I would recommend this place to anyone who likes history, art, and rustic architecture because it has the best of all worlds. While there I found out that this museum has been an actual museum since 2009, however it was first a thriving hotel in the early 1920's. As if that was not cool enough, another great fact is that it was the ONLY hotel available for African American's traveling in that era and there is actually a list of some of the famous African American celebrities of that time who stayed there. I won't mention who because that would ruin the surprise, but a hint is that it was also the blues era.

The official Book of Hotels available to African Americans in the 1920's

 It would do you no justice if I did not mention some of the beautiful art work and artifacts that was inside of this lovely museum. Beautiful and descriptive paintings, donated sculptures and authentic merchandise from that era are all on display. In addition there is a preserved room for visitors to see that mimics an actual room from the 1920's. The museum can also be converted to an amazing venue for small parties or events. What more can I say but go and visit.

The address is : 511 W. South Street Orlando, FL 32805
The website is: http://wellsbuiltmuseumofafricanamericanhistoryandculture.org/

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Bon Manjè