Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Month New Post


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Hi Guys
We are officially 4 months into the new year. I hope you are still progressing and if not I have a few things to help you reignite your fire to have an amazing 2016.

Start By Praying. I'm an advocate for prayer, believing that when I partner with heaven God can't help but work it out for me. A good reference is David in the bible, he prayed about everything and in every season and God was always listening. This included tears, anger, hatred, happiness and every other emotion in between. You can't live this life on your own strength. Psalm 65:5-6 (gnt) & Psalm 46:1

Second look over your goals and pick out three that you feel can be attained this year. Then write out two ways to reach that goal. Writing out list of things to do will actually cause you to attain it. Ever notice when you write our a to do list, you actually do most or all of those things? It's an effective principal, however be sure not to over do it by writing to many things down. 

Lastly support is essential to success. Having a friend, mentor or anyone you know that can keep you accountable will help you attain the goals that you have set. I have a goal to be more consistent in my workout routines and eating, so my sister is the go to who keeps me responsible.

I'll end with this simple Prayer :
                 Lord Please grant us endurance and courage to accomplish the goals that we set out this year. Help us to accept your grace and love even if we fall of the wagon 
and let us continually be reminded that You have not given us the 
spirit of fear but Power, Love & a Sound mind. 

Bon Manje