The Taste of Summer Series

Happy June!

We are half way through the year! How are your goals coming along?  If not so great remember that it's never too late to begin or get back on the wagon. But for now, let's enjoy the beautiful season change from spring to summer. This includes sunny days, warm summer nights, many activities outside and of course luscious fruits. One of them being Mangos.

Mangos are a delicious, sweet, tart and juicy fruit. Native to the Caribbean; Haiti in particular, Latin America, India and some parts of Asia. Found in many fresh markets across the states, there is an array of bright colors and shapes to be seen of this fruit. Most popular being bright yellow, green, orange flesh. This fruit is high in Vitamins A & C, and also has a high dosage of beta carotene. Helping the absorption of vitamin A in the body, containing antioxidants to fight cancer, slow aging and detoxing your system.

 Most of the mangos imported into the United States are from Mexico, Central America, and Haiti. The Haitian mango better known as The Francine is very popular and in demand everywhere for its sweet taste and firm texture. They are especially desired in the summer months. This mango pictured below has a green & orange color on the outside with a sweet yet firm texture on the inside. Grown in the months of April to July with June and July being peak season. It is especially great with chutneys, smoothies and as a quick snack.

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A quick way to incorporate this fruit into your diet this summer is adding it to salsas, using it with other seasonal fruits for a smoothie, eating it raw, making a fruit salad or following any of the recipes below.

Mexican Appetizer & Snack: Sliced fresh mangos topped with cilantro, and chili powder

Haitian Smoothie: Freshly sliced mangos, freshly sliced papaya, almond milk, sugar, and blend

Indian Dessert: Fresh mangos pureed, yogurt curd, cardamom, sugar, blended chilled and served

As Always,
 Bon Mange


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