To Naples I Go

Hello Guys!
  I hope your thanksgiving was filling and that you spent the day with loved ones. Its the perfect time to reflect on all the good things that has happened this year; even if its something we take for granted like waking up each morning. Since we are in that grateful season, I wanted to share how thankful I am for opportunities to travel and spend time with friends that I have not seen in a few years.

 In the pass few months I have been in busy with transitioning to a new place, a new job and the endeavor that coincides with such a task. So when an old college friend contacted me about participating in a quick get away with a few more friends I was ecstatic to participate and take a much needed break from the everyday norm. My friend already had her sight set on Naples, Florida. a beautiful, opulent, town near the Gulf of Mexico.

The 3 & 1/2 hr drive to Naples was long and draining but once we arrived the mood quickly changed to more of an easy going and relaxed feel. You can feel the breeze of the Gulf in every movement; a perfect escape with palm trees on every block and smiling faces at every turn. Our first stop was The Riverwalk Restaurant in Tin City, a ocean front dinning place with fresh mahi, grouper, shrimp, and additional choices of seafood. I recommend outside seating, as the view of the yachts and boats on the river is spectacular. I ordered the Grouper sandwich topped with creole remoulade with a side of fries, it was pretty good however lacked much seasoning. Right next door was the ever popular boardwalk, with luxury boats of all sizes and themes, open to the public as well as free to roam.. I must also mention there were two French restaurants, an art store front and a pizza place in the same area, all with eye catching themes and within walking distance from each other.

A recommended must to do in Naples is thrifting, even if its not your usual pastime, while
in a different city you will be surprise by the unique and rare items that can be discovered. If that  alone does not sell you trying on some old fashioned clothing items with friends will do the trick. I guarantee that it will be an adventure. The one we went to was called The Thrift Store address: 1115 Airport Rd S, Naples.

To conclude our amazing trip we took a stunning sunset cruise with Pure Naples Boat company, thanks to Groupon. I would recommend this everyone as it was the peak of our trip. We sailed off at 4p.m. towards the Golf of Mexico to watch the sunset. Inclusive of the trip was tours of the luxurious quarters of  Marco Island, Port Royal, the lovely mansions in those zones, as well as dolphin sightings in their natural habitat. To say it was memorable is an understatement, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The combination of extraordinarily large homes, exquisite backyards, water front properties the gulf breeze, laughter plus dolphins made the sunset experience even sweeter.

All in all Naples Florida, is a relaxing weekend getaway destination. I hope my trip inspires you to travel plan and engage in a weekend getaway of your own.

Bon Manjè.


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