Wellness Spotlight: Cabbage

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Hey Guys,
 It has been a while since I have given the spotlight to a vegetable or fruit that I deem as super. To end the month I will be giving this special shout out to cabbage. I know what your thinking cabbage? really? But wait till you see the benefits of consuming such a bright  (sometimes) green vegetable.Here is my countdown of top five reasons we should appreciate and eat more cabbage in all forms. 

5. High In Vitamins & Nutrients 
 Cabbage is a vegetable found in many parts of the world. This vegetable was made popular in the Eastern region of the Mediterranean during the time of Rome's rain in power. It was also a stable food for families with little money as it was cheap and easy to grow.  Full of Vitamin C, K, folacin, and fiber this vegetable helps your cells and body regulate its function, causing a healthier you. 

4. Red, Savoy, Napa, Bok choy...
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January King Cabbage
   January King, choy sum, Portugal are just a few of the vast varieties of cabbage available on planet earth. Each has a distinctive color and flavor, that are known about. Take the Portugal cabbage for instance (pictured below) is only typically found in the Mediterranean and also used for soups. January King cabbage is bright purple and green, typically found in the winter, is best served grilled or roasted. Bok choy, on the other hand, are found in many Asian dishes inclusive of stir fry, soups and as appetizers. 
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Portugal Cabbage
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Bok Choy

3.Cancer Hates Cabbage
 The glucosinolate found in cruciferous vegetables (vegetables rich in nutrients) can help fight cancer causing cells in the body through regular consumption. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties called flavonoids. This ingredient alone helps the body fight any abnormally sized cells or swelling in any area of the body, while shrinking cancer cells. Also as mentioned before being high in fiber, it will help the inside of your body get rid of toxic waste and cells. A healthy body helps you fight any abnormalities, flus, and colds. So next time you feel congested instead of taking OTC medication try increasing consumption of cabbage.

2. Healthy Digestion
 Bubble guts? upset stomach? inconsistent bowels? bloated? After years of eating red meats, poultry, processed foods, sugar and the like, our stomach lining as humans may get overwhelmed with natural bacteria. The bacteria is not the problem as it is supposed to be there, however, it can grow to become too much for the stomach lining causing problems. Cabbage naturally has antioxidants, amino -acids and glutamine a nutrient that helps digestive health and brain function. I suggest adding Kimchi to your eating plan, a popular Korean dish with cabbage that will help with gut health because of the fermentation process that takes place. 

1. Hydration & Detoxification
As a cruciferous vegetable, cabbage is naturally made of 90% water. The leaves and stalks are made up of water. Water, as we know, is a natural body cleanser and maintains balance. Drinking a few glasses a day hydrates skin, hair, nails, stomach and keeps blood flowing in every area. Adding cabbage to soups, or dishes also helps detox the liver, which has an important job of regulating sugar, blood, protein and fat that enters the blood stream. 

I hope these top five reasons persuade you to increase the intake of cabbage. I am not a doctor or medical professional, discuss all nutrition health and recommendations with a doctor.

As always,
   Bon Mangé


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