Saturday, July 8, 2017

Georgia On My Mind

Hey Guys, 
   It has been a very brutal and hot two weeks of summer down here in Florida, honestly I'm not sure how much I can take. Does any else remember hot summer days and cool summer nights? It was a perfect balance giving adequate time for summer activities like the beach, block parties, picnics and the like while having a break from the sun at night allowing long walks, roof top get together's and sleeping with open windows. I miss those days. Speaking of summer I finally got a chance to travel again since the season began, my first stop was Georgia.

We started our road trip out of Orlando to Georgia an eight-hour ride with my friends. I will save you the details on the conversation and antics in the car; however, I will say the best way to get to know your friends is spending hours in a vehicle with them. Our First stop was Atlanta, Georgia a city known for its music, thick country accent, and historic sites. Atlanta is also home to two popular HBCU's and one former HBCU by the name of Morris Brown College, that is where we participated in the celebration of Juneteenth. A holiday known to diverse communities as the day slavery was officially abolished. Continuing our journey we went to the body exhibit & stumbled into the historic art and warehouse district of Castleberry where the above picture was taken. Castleberry I must mention is also the home of No Mas Cocina a Mexican themed restaurant with its own arts center inside of the spacious eatery. The best part of their art store was the new age hand-woven bamboo hammock, chairs, and furniture plus the African and Spaniard inspired artwork all around. Although we did not eat there the reviews are excellent.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to do much eating in the city of ATL however, we did get a chance to embark on some bbq at a popular spot called I'm Dyin for Daddy D'z the bbq joynt.  Once inside of the restaurant you get a homey feel, pictures of Billie Holiday, old newspaper clippings of the 90's, and memorabilia of Atlanta at it's prime stages were all over the walls. As I sat to look at the menu I noticed different crowds of people from suits to laid back attire walking in for this bbq. I would recommend the ribs and pulled chicken with fried zucchini as a side, you will thank me later.

All in all the city was bumping, busy and vibrant I absolutely will go back with intentions of riding the ferris wheel, trying new places and enjoying the nightlife plus day life in ATL.

This is the end of my adventure in Atlanta, Georgia for now next up Savannah. Hope you have a great week!

As Always,
 Bon Mangè

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